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The mindboggling multidimensional moshpit of Internet culture.

Unbowdlerized anime, back when an American in the continental U.S. had to get up circa Dracula's bedtime to watch Robotech.

Barry Hughart's adventures of Master Li and Number Ten Ox.

Yellowthread Street--which I am firmly convinced portrays the Hong Kong of Hughart's China in the late twentieth century.

Criminal Minds, featuring characters who would have been Freaks-of-the-Week on many prior crime dramas as the Big Damn Heroes.

Millennicon, Confluence, Marcon, and the lone lamented Third Rock.

Avatar: The Last Airbender--which was a virtual checklist of all the things I'd been yearning for forty-plus years to see in an American cartoon series (and, consequently, its continuation The Legend of Korra.)

The hardcore Cantonese comfort food at Uncle Yip's.

The brilliant lustrous softness (and eco-virtuousness) of hand-knitted soysilk.

The savor of homegrown Chinese chives--by the Clydesdale-sized bale.

Fanfiction culture, at a point when the incriminating evidence was confined to print fanzines and unrecorded roleplay.

The vertiginous verticality that is the geography of Pittsburgh.

J-Pop, particularly Gackt and Malice Mizer (and, above all, the brief brilliant association of the above), Sawada "Julie" Kenji, and X Japan.

The Martial Arts World™, with particular emphasis on Shaw Brothers' Kung Fu films, the gravity-denying wuxia epics of Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow, and the ninja and samurai films of Sonny Chiba and his Action Club proteges.

The foregoing are only a few of the things that might never have come to my attention but for the grace of [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion, whose birthday is today.

(1) And that reminds me--The Water Margin. (I'd previously attempted to read it before meeting Kosagi, but the 1972 movie adaptation provided anchoring mental pictures of an unfamiliar cultural context.)
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