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...or so implies Google: their flying saucer logo-of-the-day leads to a search on that phrase. That this occurrence is itself unexplained is presumably part of the point, although Illuminati buffs will no doubt be eager to point out the significance of the number 5* in their mythos.

Today is also [livejournal.com profile] kosaginolegion 's birthday. I do not regard this combination of facts as a non sequitur.

*And, having checked my tag list, I note that I happen to have 17 entries (although this will be my 18th) and 23 tags--still other significant Illuminati numbers.  Damn.
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...namely, [livejournal.com profile] ratmmjess . (Gratuitous Literary Fun Fact: you share your birthday with Neville Longbottom, the Spare to the Prophecy from the Harry Potter books.) (1)

(To others who may be reading, this seems like a suitable point at which to note that Jess's second massive pop-cultural Junior Woodchucks' Guide, The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes, is in search of a publisher.  MonkeyBrain Books, publisher of its predecessor, The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana (2), is apparently very much a mom-and-pop operation and a labor of love, and one of its operators is now devoting his time chiefly to his own writing career; Jess explains the situation further here: ratmmjess.livejournal.com/217198.html

I myself have no particular clout in publishing circles, but perhaps the blogosphere and the Six Degrees of Connection may bring this to the ears of friends of friends.)

(1) As well as Henry Ford, Laurence Fishburne, and Der Gubernator.

(2) Which volume is highly regarded by those lucky enough to have snagged a copy, and commands impressive prices on Amazon and Ebay; any publisher caring to reprint that book as well ( perhaps as a trade paperback?) would find a ready readership.

(Soon following, when I have the time to unleash a Teal Deer Stampede, will be a list of the things I've read thanks to your influence.)
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[profile] dr_hermes , International Man of Mondo Media!


(I seem to recall the date from a prior edition of your user info; if I'm mistaken, or if you'd prefer that your birthday go unmentioned, please correct me.)


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